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Nikolay Romanov

  NIKOLAY ROMANOV was born in Pushkin near St.Petersburg in 1957.
   Graduated from the Art College of  V. A. Serov   (subject - restoration) in 1980.
   Graduated from The Academy Repins Institute of Art (St. Petersburg)  with prestigeous Silver Medal as a painter.
   Nikolay is a Member of Union of Russian Artits since 1990.
   Nikolay Romanov has more then 300  exhibitions  in Russia and other countries since 1985.
   His works are in the State Museum of Art in Perpignan (France), Museum of Art in Cambrai (France), in Ivanovo`s Museum of Art (Ivanovo, Russia), in the Museum of Ilya Repin`s Academy of Art (St. Petersburg), in Novosibyrsky State Museum of Art (Novosybirsk, Russia), in Kostroma`s State Museum of Art (Kostroma, Russia), and also in many private collections of Russia, USA, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Greece, Chili, Austria, UK  and other countries.
    Nikolay Romanov is one of two Russian artists who was invited to participation in Festival, to the devoted 100 anniversary of the Fauvism in 2007 (Collioure, France).
   * Silver Medal of Repin`s Academy of Art (St`Petersburg) (1987)                                       
   * Silver Medal  “For the Contribution to Domestic Culture” International Federation of Artists  
   * Gold Medal  Н.А. Романов является обладателем золотой медали Medal  “For the
   * Contribution to Domestic Culture” International Federation of Artists (2012)
Roma is a Great City. Oil on canvas. 2015
Collioure, France. Oil on canvas. 85х105. 2013
White Boat. Oil on canvas. 80х60. 2015
Prague. Oil on canvas. 120х90. 2014
Walk. Oil on canvas. 95х70. 2013
St. Nicholas Island. Oil on canvas. 70х80. 2013
Pink Mountain. Oil on canvas. 60х80. 2015
Evening. Sayan. Oil on canvas. 85х105. 2015
Venecia. Oil on canvas. 120х65. 2012
Montenegro. Oil on canvas. 95х75. 2013
Heavenly Ships. Oil on canvas. 85х110. 2013