"ARKA" art-gallery

About us

The priority of the art gallery "ARKA" is the presentation of the richest artistic heritage of leading masters of  Leningrad School (1930-1990): Alexander Samokhvalov, Nikolay Timkov, Sergey Osipov, Vitaly Tulenin, Nikolay Baskakov, Vladinir Ovchinnikov, Nikolay Galakhov, Victor Teteryn, Evgenia Antipova. Cooperation with modern St. etersburg artists is also one of the directions of activity.
About us
Founder and director of the art gallery «АRКА» - Evgenia Logvinova, member of Union of Artist of Saint-Petersburg, member of International Federation of Artist, member of Art Critics and Historian Association, curator and organizer over 200 art progects and exhibitions in  Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, state museums of Siberia, correspondent for the federal newspaper «Culture».
Contacts in Saint-Petersburg

ARKA Art Gallery carries out its activities in Saint-Petersburg since 2004.