"ARKA" art-gallery


  Art-gallery "ARKA" is pleased to offer its customers the widest possible range of professional services related to the acquisition of highly artistic works of painting and graphics and also on the formation and maintenance of private and corporate collections of paintings, including:
- Advising and assisting in the acquisition of paintings by masters from the Leningrad School of Painting of 1930-1990s and leading modern St`Petersburg artists;
- Execution of export documents;
- Organization of the delivery of paintings and books on art in Russia and abroad;
- Publishing and printing services (preparation and author accompaniment of original layouts of books, catalogs, articles);
- Enframing of works of painting and graphics;
- Protection and using of copyrights in the field of fine arts;
- Consultation and assistance in promotion on the Internet and social networks;
Consider proposals for the acquisition of works by Leningrad artists from 1930-1990.
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Art-gallery "ARKA"