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Ruben Zakharian (1901 - 1993)

  Ruben Zakharian Was born on July 14, 1901 in Tbilisi. In 1927 he graduated from the Leningrad VHUTEIN  (The Leningrad Higher Institute of Industrial Art, formerly known as the High Art School under Imperial Academy of Arts; since 1944 known as the Repin Institute of Arts). He studied with Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, Alexander Karev. Participated in exhibitions since 1926. Member of the Leningrad Union of Artists since 1951. He painted portraits, landscapes, still-lifes, genre and historical compositions. Personal exhibitions in Leningrad (1974, 1983). Works of Ruben Zakharyan are in museums and private collections in Russia, Japan, France, the USA and other countries.


 Ruben Zakharian. A Seashore in Gurzuf. Oil on cardboard, 24,5х33,2. 1956
 Ruben Zakharian. A Seashore in Khosta. Oil on cardboard, 23,8х33,2. 1961
 Ruben Zakharian. Scarlet and Turquoise. Oil on cardboard,14,8х34,4. 1953
 Ruben Zakharian. Gurzuf Cliffs. Oil on cardboard,18х31. 1953
 Ruben Zakharian. Colours of Armenia. Oil on cardboard, 11,3х17,7. 1952
 Ruben Zakharian. Morning Colors. Oil on cardboard, 12,8х22,8. 1956
 Ruben Zakharian. Seascape. Карт.м.,13,5х23,5. 1950
 Ruben Zakharian. Silhouettes of Gurzuf. Oil on cardboard,15,7х34,5. 1958
 Ruben Zakharian. Storm near Gurzuf. Oil on cardboard,13,3х24,3. 1953
 Ruben Zakharian. Sunrize in Gurzuf. Oil on cardboard,11,3х22. 1953
 Ruben Zakharian. In the Seaport. Oil on cardboard, 31х40. 1953
 Ruben Zakharian. Barges near the Shore. Oil on cardboard,26х33. 1948
 Ruben Zakharian. Little Street in Gurzuf.  Oil on canvas,14,3х32,8. 1953
 Ruben Zakharian. Green Shore. Oil on cardboard, 11х19,7. 1958
 Ruben Zakharian. Trees.  Oil on canvas,12,5х18,5. 1958
 Ruben Zakharian. At the Volkhov. Oil on cardboard, 18,5х24. 1959
 Ruben Zakharian. March in the Country. Oil on cardboard, 23,3х34,5. 1955
 Ruben Zakharian. Blue Shadowes. Oil on cardboard, 18,5х31. 1959
 Ruben Zakharian. Nevsky Prospect. View at the Nevsky Prospect.  Oil on canvas, 28,5х40. 1949