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Abram Grushko (1918 - 1980)

  Abram Grushko was born June 6, 1918, in Moscow, Soviet Russia. In 1952 Abram Grushko graduated from Ilya Repin Institute in Boris Ioganson workshop. Studied of Boris Fogel, Semion Abugov, Lia Ostrova, Genrikh Pavlovsky, Joseph Serebriany. Since 1956 Abram Grushko has participated in Art Exhibitions. He painted portraits, landscapes, genre compositions. His solo exhibitions was in Leningrad in 1990. Since 1961 Abram Grushko was a member of the Leningrad branch of Union of Artists of Russian Federation. In years 1965–1980 Abram Grushko worked as Art Teacher in Vera Mukhina Institute of Art and Designe. His paintings reside in Art museums and private collections in Russia, Israel, Germane, USA, England, Japan, France and other countries.


Abram Grushko. At the Porch. Oil on cardboard, 24х34,5. 1978
Abram Grushko. Spring in Zaonezhje. Oil on cardboard,23,8х48. 1977
Abram Grushko. Evening at the Onega Lake. Oil on canvas, 31,5х109. 1977
Abram Grushko. At the Onega Riverside. Oil on cardboard, 26х44. 1976
Abram Grushko. Country Bath-house. Oil on cardboard, 29,3х42. 1959
Abram Grushko. Tent in the Wood. Oil on cardboard, 24,2х33,5.,1965
Abram Grushko. At the Onegas Bank. Oil on cardboard, 31,5х44,5.,1976
Abram Grushko. Gloomy Day. Oil on cardboard, 33,2х48,2. 1966