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Vasily Golubev (1925 - 1985)

  Vasily Golubev was born on June 15, 1925 in the village of Medvezhye, Yaroslavl Region. After the beginning of the Great Patriotic war, Golubev volunteered for the Red Army and served until 1945In 1952 he graduated from the Leningrad Art and Pedagogical School on Tavricheskaya Street. Participated in exhibitions since 1958. Member of Leningrad Union of Artists since 1966. He painted portraits, landscapes, still-lifes, genre compositions. Personal exhibition in Leningrad (1991). Vasily Golubev's works are in museums and private collections in Russia, the United States, Germany and other countries.

Василий Голубев. At the Volkhov River. Oil on cardboard, 40х49,5. 1966
Василий Голубев. At the Oredezh bank. Oil on cardboard, 50х65. 1969
Василий Голубев. Winter Scetch. Oil on cardboard, 62х50. 1966
Василий Голубев. Fruit of  Mushrooms Hunting. Oil on canvas, 120х149. 1969
Vasily Golubev. Green Lake. Oil on cardboard, 59х73. 1980
Vasily Golubev. Sunny Day. Oil on cardboard, 48[59. 1960
Vasily Golubev. Whinter Day at the Oredezh River. Oil on cardboard, 50х65. 1969
Vasily Golubev. Horses. Oil on cardboard, 60х49,5. 1962