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Nikolai Galakhov (b.1928)

  Nikolai Galakhov was born in 1928, in Kazan, USSR. He studied at the Department of Painting of the Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Ilya Repin. His teachers were Leonid Ovsannikov, Joseph Serebriany, Piotr Belousov, Yuri Neprintsev. In 1953  Galakhov graduated from the Repin Institute of Arts in Rudolf Frentz workshop. In 1954-1956 Galakhov continued his postgraduate study in the Repin Institute of Arts. Since 1951 Galakhov had participated in Art Exhibitions mostly as a master of landscape and genre scene. He is working in technique of oil painting, tempera, pastel, watercolors, and pencil drawing. In 1984 Nikolai Galakhov was awarded the honorary title of Honored Artist of Russian Federation. Solo Exhibitions by Nikolai Galakhov were in Leningrad (1988) and Saint Petersburg (2010, 2013). Paintings of Nikolay Nikolaevich Galakhov reside in State Russian Museum, State Tretyakov Gallery and many Art museums and private collections of Russia, China, England, US, Japan and  other countries.


Nikolai Galakhov. Nothern Spring. Oil on canvas, 73х98. 1996
Nikolai Galakhov. Nothern Spring. Oil on canvas, 75х95. 1998
Nikolai Galakhov. On the Volga River. Oil on canvas, 21,5х25. 1975
Nikolai Galakhov. Clouds over the Volga. Oil on canvas, 75х95. 1999
Nikolai Galakhov. Pines at the Pound. Oil on canvas, 98х74. 2003
Nikolai Galakhov. On the Volga near Kazan. Oil on canvas, 73,5х90. 1982
Nikolai Galakhov. Karelian Birches. Oil on canvas, 67х90. 1985
Nikolai Galakhov. Midday. Oil on canvas, 85,5х90. 1980
Nikolai Galakhov. Midday on the Volga. Oil on canvas, 75х95. 2001
Nikolai Galakhov. First Snow at the  Umba Village. Oil on canvas, 80х90,5. 1985
Nikolai Galakhov. Boats at the Bank of the Kuzema. Oil on canvas, 73х97. 1997
Nikolai Galakhov. Summer Day at the Vetluga River. Oil on canvas, 75х95. 2001
Nikolai Galakhov. July on the Volga. Oil on canvas, 78х95. 1983
Nikolai Galakhov. At the White Sea. Oil on canvas, 75х95. 2007
Nikolai Galakhov. Boats in the Soomposad Village. Oil on canvas,95х75. 2003
Nikolai Galakhov. Autumn in the Northern Village Umba. Oil on canvas, 73х48. 1989
Nikolai Galakhov. The Chirch in the Kem Village. Oil on canvas, 82х57. 1980
Nikolai Galakhov. Summer in the  Kem Vallage. Oil on canvas, 80х100. 2002
Nikolai Galakhov. Spring in Karelia. Oil on canvas, 80х100. 1999