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Аnatoliy Vasiliev (1917 - 1994)

  Аnatoliy Vasiliev was born on March 18, 1917 in Petrograd. In 1950 he graduated from the Repin Institute of Fine Arts, the workshop of Victor Oreshnikov. He studied with Benjamin Belkin, Pavel Naumov, Mikhail Bernshtein, Nikolai Rutkovsky, Igor Grabar. Participated in exhibitions since 1937. Member of the Leningrad Union of Artists since 1950. He painted portraits, genre scenes, thematic and historical compositions, landscapes, still lifes, etudes from nature. Personal exhibition in St. Petersburg (1995, 2017). The works of Anatoly Vasiliev are in the State Russian Museum, the State Tretyakov Gallery, in museums and private collections in Russia, Japan, France, the United States and other countries..


Аnatoliy Vasiliev. Baykal Station. У причала. Oil on cardboard, 50х70. 1961
Аnatoliy Vasiliev. Over the Kama River. Oil on cardboard, 25х35. 1953
Аnatoliy Vasiliev. Perm on Kama River. Oil on cardboard, 25х33,7. 1953
Аnatoliy Vasiliev. Landing Station in Elabuga. Oil on cardboard, 23х35. 1953
Аnatoliy Vasiliev. Listvyanka Village on Lake  Baykal. Oil on cardboard, 29,6х27,5. 1961
Аnatoliy Vasiliev. At the Bank of the Angara. Oil on cardboard, 20,8х28,6. 1961
Аnatoliy Vasiliev. Village Sokhurty. Oil on cardboard,10х17. 1963
Аnatoliy Vasiliev. Seklenga Village. Oil on cardboard, 9.5х 16,3. 1963
Аnatoliy Vasiliev. Baykal near Sokhurty. Oil on cardboard, 9,8х17. 1963
Аnatoliy Vasiliev. Baykal .Sokhurty. Oil on cardboard,10х17,2. 1963
Аnatoliy Vasiliev. At the Belomorkanal. Oil on cardboard, 9,7х16,6. 1956
Аnatoliy Vasiliev. Kama Bank. Oil on cardboard, 10х17. 1953
Аnatoliy Vasiliev. Rafts on the Kama. Oil on cardboard,11,5х26. 1953
Аnatoliy Vasiliev. Khokhlovka Village on Kama. Oil on cardboard,20,5х31,5. 1953
Аnatoliy Vasiliev. The Riga Coast. Oil on cardboard, 23х34. 1956
Аnatoliy Vasiliev. On the Kama. Oil on cardboard, 19х35,5. 1953
Аnatoliy Vasiliev. The Port on the Kama. Oil on cardboard, 10х16,5. 1953
Аnatoliy Vasiliev. On the Kama. Oil on cardboard, 14,5х30,3. 1953
Аnatoliy Vasiliev.The Motor Ship on the Kama. Oil on cardboard, 22,3х32,7. 1953
Аnatoliy Vasiliev. Gurszuf. Oil on cardboard, 17х10. 1964
Аnatoliy Vasiliev. A Grey Day on the Neva. Oil on canvas, 22х42,5. 1953