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Piotr Alberti (1913 - 1994)

  Piotr Alberti was born in 1913 in Astrakhan. In 1931 he graduated from the Astrakhan Art College, a student of Pavel Vlasov. In the years 1935-1936 Peter Alberti was engaged in the Painting department of the Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Leningrad. Member of the Great Patriotic War, fought near Leningrad, took part in the liberation of the Baltic states. Since 1939 Peter Alberti participated in exhibitions. He painted portraits, still-lifes, landscapes, genre compositions, etudes from nature. Member of the Leningrad Union of Artists since 1956. Works by Peter Alberti are in museums and private collections in Russia, Japan, Great Britain, France, the United States and other countries.


Piotr Alberti. Peonies. Oil on canvas, 100х100. 1991
Piotr Alberti. Still-life with Watermelon.  Oil on canvas,76х80. 1992
Piotr Alberti. Carpenter's Workshop. Oil on canvas, 100,5х120. 1976
Piotr Alberti. Still-life. Oil on canvas, 85х87. 1977
Piotr Alberti. Peonies and Cherries on a Silver Tray. Oil on canvas, 90,5х70,5. 1980
Piotr Alberti. Still-life with Watermelon. Oil on canvas, 50х100. 1980
Петр Альберти. Still-life with Palette. Oil on canvas,79х79. 1960
Piotr Alberti.  A Girl on the Grass. Oil on cardboard, 33х48. 1960
Piotr Alberti. A Portraite of Man. Oil on cardboard, 42,5х33,5. 1960
Piotr Alberti. Female Portrait. Oil on cardboard, 26,5х26,5. 1960
Piotr Alberti. Female Portrait.  Oil on cardboard,, 25,5х33,7.  1961
Piotr Alberti. Girl in the Arm-chair. Oil on cardboard,24,5х25,5. 1960
Piotr Alberti. Nadja Sokurova. Oil on cardboard, 49,5х40. 1979
Piotr Alberti. Girl in a Striped Sarafan. Oil on cardboard,, 30,2х49,3. 1961
Piotr Alberti. A boy in a fur hat. Oil on cardboard, 32,5х47,2. 1958
Piotr Alberti. Schoolgirl. Oil on cardboard,  48,5х38,5. 1962
Piotr Alberti. Collective Farm Blacksmith. Oil on cardboard, 48,5х34. 1956
Piotr Alberti. Blacksmith. Oil on cardboard, 50,4х35. 1959
Piotr Alberti. A Woman in a Scarf. Oil on cardboard, 50х34,7. 1960
Piotr Alberti.  Collective Mechanic. Oil on cardboard, 49,5х33,5. 1960
Piotr Alberti.  Winter Cares. Oil on cardboard, 32,6х47,5. 1958
Piotr Alberti. Winter Counry Works. Oil on cardboard, 32,4Х47. 1958
Piotr Alberti. Silage Loading. Oil on cardboard, 32,3х47. 1960
Piotr Alberti. Winter Country Works.  Oil on cardboard,32,4х47. 1958
Piotr Alberti. A Girl with a Boat. Oil on cardboard, 39х30. 1959
Piotr Alberti. A Girl in Red. Oil on canvas, 70х60. 1954
Piotr Alberti. Naked at the Window. Oil on cardboard, 47,5х35. 1960
Piotr Alberti. Naked Model. Oil on cardboard, 48х33,2. 1959
Piotr Alberti. Young Pioneers on the Cruiser "Aurora". Oil on cardboard, 30х48. 1971
Piotr Alberti. Astronaut and Young Pioneers. Oil on cardboard, 32,9х43,9. 1966
Piotr Alberti. Young Hockey Players. Oil on cardboard, 35х50. 1968
Piotr Alberti. Gape Gathering. Oil on cardboard, 32х45. 1958
Piotr Alberti. A Girl. Oil on cardboard, 34,7х23,5. 1956
Piotr Alberti. A Skier. Oil on cardboard, 39,8х29,4. 1960
Piotr Alberti. A Collective  Farmer. Oil on cardboard, 47х32,3. 1959