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Taisia Afonina (1913 - 1994)

  Taisia Afonina was born in 1913 in Nikolaev.  In 1936 Afonina entered the Painting department of the Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, where she studied with Mikhail Bernshtein, Victor Oreshnikov, Pavel Naumov. In 1946 Afonina graduated from the Repin Institute in Igor Grabar personal Art Studio of monumental painting. Her first participation in the Art exhibition was in 1940. Since the beginning of 1950s she was constantly involved in art exhibitions of Leningrad artists. She painted landscapes, still lifes, portraits, and genre compositions. She worked in oil painting and watercolors and was most famous as a master of landscape and still-life painting. In 1946 Taisia Afonina was admitted to the Leningrad Union of Soviet Artists. Her paintings reside in Museums and private collictions of Russia Finland, USA, Germane, England, France.

Taisia Afonina. Universcity Embarkment in Leningrad. Oil on cardboard, 15,8х21,8. 1960
Taisia Afonina. Still-life with Pussy-willows. Oil on cardboard, 80х60. 1964
Taisia Afonina. Grapes and Apples. Oil on canvas, 38,5х45. 1955
Taisia Afonina. Ship on the Neva. Oil on cardboard, 15,5х22. 1960
Taisia Afonina. At the Old Tuchkov Bridge. Oil on canvas, 66х88. 1959
Taisia Afonina. White Night. Oil on cardboard, 15х19. 1957
Taisia Afonina. Red Boats. Oil on cardboard, 13х17,5. 1959
Taisia Afonina. At the Tuchkov Bridge.  Oil on canvas, 13,5х17. 1954
Taisia Afonina. Twilight. Oil on cardboard, 11х16. 1955
Taisia Afonina. Roof. Oil on cardboard, 25,3х34,7.  1957
Taisia Afonina. In January. Oil on cardboard, 12х15. 1956
Taisia Afonina. Roof. Oil on cardboard, 11х17. 1955
Taisia Afonina. Forest Shore. Forest trail. Oil on cardboard, 13,5х17,5. 1954
Taisia Afonina. The Rezan Land. Oil on cardboard, 33,5х24,7. 1954
Taisia Afonina. Saint-George Cathedral in Old Ladoga. Oil on cardboard, 15,8х21,5. 1976
Taisia Afonina. Saint-Dmitry Solunsky in Old Ladoga`s Fortress. Oil on cardboard,16,2х22,4. 1976
Taisia Afonina. Portrait of Artist Margarita Ruban. Oil on cardboard, 63х50. 1971