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Eugenia Antipova (1917 - 2009)

  Eugenia Antipova was born in 1917 in Toropets town, Tver Governorate.  In 1939 Antipova entered the painting department of the Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, where she studied with Semion Abugov, Genrikh Pavlovsky, Alexander Osmerkin, Gleb Savinov, and Vladimir Malagis. In 1950–1956 Antipova taught painting and composition in Tavricheskaya Art School in Leningrad. Since 1950 she participated in art exhibitions. Member of the the Leningrad Union of Artists since 1953. Antipova painted genre and decorative compositions, portraits, landscapes, still life paintings, worked in oils and watercolours. Eugenia Antipova had the personal exhibitions in Leningrad — Saint Petersburg in 1967, 1988, 1999 (all together with her husband, an artist Victor Teterin) and in 2007. In 1989–1992 paintings by Antipova successfully exhibited at the fine art auctions and the exhibitions of Russian paintings L 'École de Leningrad in France. Her paintings reside in the State Russian Museum and in many art museums and private collections in Russia, France, Germany, USA, England.

Eugenia Antipova. Apple Tree in Bloom. Oil on canvas, 60х78. 1997
Eugenia Antipova. Olive Grove in the Crimea. Oil on canvas, 64х93. 1966
Eugenia Antipova. Quince. Oil on canvas, 70,5х82. 1968
Eugenia Antipova. Midday. Oil on canvas, 100х120. 1982
Eugenia Antipova. A Girl from Pereslavl. Oil on canvas, 82х61. 1964
Eugenia Antipova. Waitress. Oil on canvas,, 100х70. 1964
Eugenia Antipova. Lida. Oil on canvas, 83х60,5. 1964
Eugenia Antipova. A Girl in the Garden. Oil on canvas, 120х100. 1964
Eugenia Antipova. Boys in the Garden. Oil on canvas, 120х135. 1980
Eugenia Antipova. Bird-cherry Tree. Oil on canvas, 61,5х87. 1968
Eugenia Antipova. Sunny Day. Oil on canvas, 82х58,5. 1982
Eugenia Antipova. Willow in bloom, daffodis. Oil on canvas,101х83. 1984
Eugenia Antipova. Quince on the Green Table. Watecolor on paper,  63,5х88. 1966
Eugenia Antipova. Still-life on the sea background. Oil on canvas, 95х71, 1978
Eugenia Antipova. Quince. Watecolor on paper,  50,5х64. 1968
Eugenia Antipova. Little Street in Нurzuf. Watecolor on paper,  50х64. 1968
Eugenia Antipova. Home Garden. Watecolor on paper,  50х65. 1968
Eugenia Antipova. Window. Watecolor on paper,  56,5х50. 1968
Eugenia Antipova. Yellow Trees. Watecolor on paper,  50,5х64. 1968
Eugenia Antipova. Yellow Vineyards in a Gray Day.  Watecolor on paper,  46х64. 1966
Eugenia Antipova. Tulips in the Chair.   Watecolor on paper, 83,5х63,5. 1967
Eugenia Antipova. In the Crimea Mountains.  Oil on canvas, 54х71. 1954
Eugenia Antipova. Still-life. Oil on canvas, 100х120. 1964
Eugenia Antipova. Ships at the dock. Oil on cardboard, 28,3х49,2. 1956