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Elena Skuin (1908 - 1986)

  Elena Skuin-Soluyanova was born on April 2, 1908 in Ekaterinodar. In 1939 she graduated from the Repin Institute of Fine Arts (Alexander Osmerkin's workshop). She studied Semen Abugov, Henry Pavlovsky, Dmitry Mitrokhin, Rudolf Frentz. Participation in the exhibitions since 1939. Member of the Leningrad Union of Artists since 1939.  Elena Skuin  tought in the Secondary Art School at the Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Ilya Repin, then at the Department of General Painting in Vera Mukhina Institute (1944 - 1951). She painted genre paintings, portraits, still lifes, landscapes. Personal exhibitions in Leningrad (1978) and Petersburg (2005). Elena Skuin works are in State Russian Museum, in museums and private collections in Russia, France, Italy, Great Britain and other countries.

Elena Skuin.  Flowers and Сherry. Oil on canvas, 75х100. 1956
Elena Skuin.  Blue Buckets. Oil on canvas, 94х99. 1971
Elena Skuin. Wisteria. Oil on canvas, 60х45. 1969