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Alexander Semenov (1922 - 1984)

  Alexander Semenov was born on February 18, 1922 in Torzhok. In 1940 he graduated from the Leningrad Artistic and Pedagogical School. He studied at A. Gromov, S. Butler, V. Oreshnikov, V. Levitsky, M. Aslamazyan. In 1941, Semionov went to the front as a volunteer, passing through all the trials of wartime from the beginning to the end. He was awarded with many orders and medals. He has participated in exhibitions since 1954. Member of the  Leningrad Union of Artists since 1957. He painted urban and landscape landscapes, genre and thematic paintings, portraits, still lifes. Personal exhibition in Leningrad (1987). Works by Alexander Semenov are in museums and private collections in Russia, France, USA, Canada, Great Britain and other countries.

Alexander Semenov. Malaya Sadovaya Street in Leningrad. Oil on cardboard, 70х60. 1979
Alexander Semenov. Neva near the bridge of Peter the Great. Oil on cardboard, 5х50. 1966
Alexander Semenov.  Suvorovsky Prospect.  Oil on canvas, 60х69,5. 1980
Alexander Semenov.  On Suvorovsky Prospect in Leningrad. Oil on cardboard, 58,5х71. 1975
Alexander Semenov. Night at St. Isaac's Square. Oil on cardboard, 60х60. 1978
Alexander Semenov. View of the Smolny Cathedral in Leningrad. Oil on cardboard, 70х60. 1974
Alexander Semenov.  On Staronevsky Avenue. Oil on canvas, 42х51,8. 1968
Alexander Semenov. Sadovaya Street in Leningrad.  Oil on canvas, 52х40. 1973
Alexander Semenov.  Embankment of Fontanka.  Oil on canvas, 71х58. 1981
Alexander Semenov. Frosty Day on the Volkhov. Oil on cardboard, 49,5х69,5. 1975
Alexander Semenov. In the Christmas. Oil on cardboard, 50х70. 1975
Alexander Semenov. Monastery in the Old Ladoga. Oil on canvas, 60х60. 1975
Alexander Semenov. Old Ladoga in Winter. Oil on cardboard,  50х70,5. 1972
Alexander Semenov. Old Ladoga. Toward the Spring. Oil on cardboard, 49,5х69,5. 1972
Alexander Semenov.  Chapel Tower in Pushkin. Oil on canvas, 34х36. 1970
Alexander Semenov. Pushkin. By the Pond. Oil on cardboard, 20,8х29,2.1967
Alexander Semenov. Spring in the Garden. Oil on cardboard, 29,5х21. 1967
Alexander Semenov. Ancient.  Oil on canvas, 44х54. 1968
Alexander Semenov. The Chinese village in Pushkin. Oil on cardboard, 39х59,5. 1967
Alexander Semenov. Leningrad. View of the Smolny. Oil on canvas, 50х60. 1975
Alexander Semenov. Ships on the Neva. Oil on cardboard, 18,5х23,4. 1976
Alexander Semenov. Nevsky Prospect in the Evening Lights. Oil on canvas, 60х60. 1976
Alexander Semenov. Fontanka near the Anichkov Bridge. Oil on cardboard, ,50х69,5. 1962
Alexander Semenov. Spring. Oil on cardboard, 50х60. 1977
Alexander Semenov. Rainy Day in the Summer Garden. Oil on cardboard, 48х33. 1961
Alexander Semenov. The Leningrad Bridges. Oil on canvas, 60х72. 1977
Alexander Semenov. Neva at the Liteiny Bridge. Oil on cardboard, 60х78. 1982
Alexander Semenov. Liteiny Bridge on the Neva in Leningrad.Oil on cardboard, 60х80. 1982
Alexander Semenov.  In the Studio. Oil on cardboard, 36х31. 1951
Alexander Semenov. After the Rain. Oil on cardboard, 40х50. 1976
Alexander Semenov. Altai Mountains. Cherga. Oil on cardboard, 21,5х35. 1954
Alexander Semenov.  Altay. Charga. Oil on cardboard, 21,5х35. 1954
Alexander Semenov. On the Shore of Oredezh.  Oil on canvas, 60х50. 1978
Alexander Semenov. The bridge above Oredezh .Oil on cardboard, 40,2х44. 1981
Alexander Semenov. Before the Storm. Oil on cardboard, 40,5х70,3. 1980
Alexander Semenov. Evening Landscape. Oil on canvas, 25х35. 1961
Александр Семёнов. Yard in Rostov the Great. Oil on cardboard, 70х44. 1965
Alexander Semenov. Conversation. Oil on cardboard, 29,7х21,4. 1967
Alexander Semenov. Bush of Lilac. Oil on cardboard, 50х39. 1969
Alexander Semenov. Road to the Village Rozhdestveno. Oil on cardboard, 40,5х50. 1979
Alexander Semenov.  Summer.  Oil on canvas, 60х70.1979
Alexander Semenov. Farm. Oil on cardboard, 22,7х41,2. 1950
Alexander Semenov. Etude with a Horse. Oil on cardboard, 37,5х49,5. 1972
Alexander Semenov.  In the Old Ladoga.  Oil on cardboard, 25х34,7. 1964
Alexander Semenov. A Clear Day in the Old Ladoga. Oil on cardboard, 50х50. 1964
Alexander Semenov. Torzhok. At the Hotel.  Oil on canvas, 75х49. 1972
Alexander Semenov.Torzhok in the Morning.  Oil on canvas, 75х54,5. 1972
Alexander Semenov. In Pushkin Town. Oil on canvas, 50х70. 1969
Alexander Semenov.  On the Neva in Leningrad. Oil on canvas, 60х40. 1965
Alexander Semenov.  Construction of the Alexander Bridge across the Neva. Oil on cardboard,,50х69. 1967
Alexander Semenov. Neva River.  Oil on canvas, 70х60. 1976
Alexander Semenov. Metallurgical Plant. Oil on cardboard, 29,5х44,5. 1960
Alexander Semenov. Leningrad Theam. Oil on canvas, 60х50. 1974
Alexander Semenov. Leningrad Theam. Oil on cardboard, 39х30,5. 1967
Alexander Semenov. At the Pushkin House in Leningrad. Oil on cardboard, 25,2х37,4. 1951
Alexander Semenov.  Rainy Day. Oil on cardboard, 60х60. 1977
Alexander Semenov.  Sunny Day in Torzhok.  Oil on canvas, 55х83. 1973
Alexander Semenov. Sunny Day. Oil on cardboard, 42х50. 1973
Alexander Semenov. Street in the old Torzhok. Oil on canvas, 41х58. 1966
Alexander Semenov. Summer Day. Oil on cardboard, 24,7х34,7. 1951
Alexander Semenov. Clarification. Oil on canvas, 60,5х73. 1976
Alexander Semenov. Cloudy Day. Oil on cardboard, 50х70. 1981
Alexander Semenov. Cloudy day in the Village of Gryazino.  Oil on canvas, 45,5х60,5. 1979
Александр Семёнов. Oredezh River. Oil on cardboard, 40х44. 1980
Alexander Semenov. Midday. Oil on cardboard, 69,5х49,5. 1971
Александр Семёнов. Yard in the Old Ladoga. Oil on cardboard, 50х70. 1974
Alexander Semenov.  Gryazino Village.  Oil on cardboard, 56,5х77. 1978
Alexander Semenov. Katun in the Altai.Oil on cardboard, 23х46. 1954
Alexander Semenov. Chikino Lake.  Oil on canvas, 60х80. 1978
Alexander Semenov. Winter Forest. Oil on cardboard, 49,5х70. 1963
Alexander Semenov. At the Sketches. Oil on cardboard, 35х25. 1951