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Sergei Osipov (1915 - 1985)

  Sergei Osipov was born on September 22, 1915 in the village of Stepankovo, Bezhetsk County, Tver Province. n 1941-1945 Ovchinnikov took part in the Great Patriotic War, which led the Soviet people against Nazi Germany and its allies. He was wounded and marked by military awards. He volunteered to go to the Red Army and participated in battles at Leningrad. In December 1941, under the demining of passes for the upcoming battalion sailors from Kronshtadt to the Old Peterhoff he was seriously injured, lost a leg. More than a year he spent in the hospital for treatment. He was awarded with many orders and medals. In 1943 Sergei Osipov graduated from the Repin Institute of Fine Arts, the workshop of Alexander Osmerkin. He studied with Semyon Abugov, Mikhail Bernshtein, Henry Pavlovsky. Participated in exhibitions since 1945. Member of the Leningrad Union of Artists  since 1945. He painted landscapes, views of ancient Russian cities, still-lifes, portraits, genre compositions. He taught at the Department of General Painting of the Leningrad Art Museum named after V.I. Mukhina (1949-1979). Personal exhibitions in Moscow (1983) and Leningrad (1990). Works by Sergei Osipov are in the State Russian Museum, the State Tretyakov Gallery, in museums and private collections in Russia, the United States, Britain, France and other countries.

Sergei Osipov. Cornflowers. Oil on canvas, 70х60. 1976
Sergei Osipov. Road. Oil on canvas,69,5х60. 1970
Sergei Osipov. Ancient Izborsk. Oil on canvas,73,5х52. 1974
Sergei Osipov.  Little Yard. Oil on canvas, 33,5з46,5. 1962
Sergei Osipov.  Houses on the Volga. Oil on canvas, 57х66. 1959
Sergei Osipov.  Grey Day. Oil on canvas, 57,5х66,5. 1970
Sergei Osipov. Landscape with Fortress. Oil on canvas, 66,5х57,5. 1974
Sergei Osipov.  Still-life with a Balalaika. Oil on canvas, 74х52. 1965
Sergei Osipov.  Evening. Oil on canvas, 57х65. 1968
Sergei Osipov. Fields. Oil on canvas, 60х70,5. 1978
Sergei Osipov. Pink House. Oil on canvas, 67х57,5. 1977
Sergei Osipov.  Blue Gate. Oil on cardboard, 48,8х35,3. 1959
Sergei Osipov.  Landscape with a Green House. Oil on canvas, 51х74. 1965
Sergei Osipov. Dandelions. Oil on canvas,70х60. 1985
Sergei Osipov. Truvors Refuge. Oil on canvas, 50х70. 1961
Sergei Osipov.  At the the Volkhov. Oil on canvas, 74,5х52. 1960
Sergei Osipov. Pskov. Oil on cardboard,34,5х48,8. 1959
СSergei Osipov. Pskov. Fortress. Oil on canvas, 51,5х73,5. 1959
Sergei Osipov.  Across the River. Oil on canvas, ,62х52. 1968
Sergei Osipov. Old Ladoga. Oil on canvas, 74х52. 1963
Sergei Osipov.  All Turning Green. Oil on cardboard,34,2х35. 1982
Sergei Osipov. Turning Green. Oil on canvas, 42,5х52. 1976
Sergei Osipov.  By the Evening. Oil on canvas, 57,5х67. 1974
Sergei Osipov.  Interior. Oil on cardboard, 47,4х34,4. 1962
Sergei Osipov. Still-life with Carpet.Oil on canvas, 88х71. 1961
Sergei Osipov. Churchyard of the Senno Village Oil on canvas, 66х57. 1970
Sergei Osipov. Memory of Vasilsursk. Oil on canvas, 57х66. 1959
Sergei Osipov. Little Brook. Oil on canvas, 57,5х41,5. 1973
Sergei Osipov.  Landscape with a Bridge. Oil on cardboard, 33х48. 1958
Sergei Osipov. Boy. Oil on cardboard, 40,5х30. 1950
Sergei Osipov. In Ancient Izborsk. Oil on canvas, 60х69,5. 1968
Sergei Osipov. Bridge. Oil on cardboard, 34,5х48,5. 1958
Sergei Osipov.  In Pskov. Oil on canvas, 42х58. 1959
Sergei Osipov.  Pskov Kremlin.Oil on canvas, 51,5х73. 1970
Sergei Osipov. Staritsa. The Rose House. Oil on canvas, 70,5х51,5. 1977
Sergei Osipov.  Pskov. Oil on cardboard, 50х35. 1960
Sergei Osipov.  Wild Flowers. Oil on canvas, 70х60. 1970
Sergei Osipov.  Early Greenery. Oil on canvas, 66х57. 1982
Sergei Osipov.  In Suzdal. Oil on canvas, 75х56. 1968
Sergei Osipov.  Pskov Kremlin. Oil on canvas, 50х63,5. 1970
Sergei Osipov. Pier on the Volkhov.Oil on cardboard,33х47,8. 1960
Sergei Osipov. Old Ladoga. Oil on cardboard, 34,5х46,8. 1958
Sergei Osipov.  Pskov Little Street. Oil on cardboard,35х50. 1951
Sergei Osipov.  Little Street in Pskov. Oil on cardboard, 35х49,4. 1966
Sergei Osipov.  Country Autumn. Oil on cardboard, 60х70. 1973
Sergei Osipov.  Village. Oil on canvas, 60х70. 1964
Sergei Osipov.  Angry Girl. Oil on cardboard, 48х33. 1966
Sergei Osipov.  Haymaking Time. Этюд к картине. Oil on cardboard, 48,5х35. 1963
Sergei Osipov. Harvest Time. Etude. Oil on cardboard, 36х29. 1963
Sergei Osipov.  Village. Oil on canvas, 60х70,5. 1964
Sergei Osipov.  Sunny Day. Oil on cardboard, 35х47. 1960
Sergei Osipov. Market in Pskov. Oil on canvas, 50х68,5. 1959
Sergei Osipov. Street in Pskov. Oil on canvas, 50,5х69,5. 1951
Sergei Osipov.  Still-life with a Violin. Oil on canvas, 70х60. 1960
Sergei Osipov.  Still-life with a White Kettle. Oil on canvas, 70х60. 1972
Sergei Osipov.  Winter in the Ancient Staritsa. Oil on canvas,52х61. 1974
Sergei Osipov. Fortress in the Cyril Belozersky Monastery. Oil on canvas, 52х74. 1965
Sergei Osipov.  Izborsk. Bell Tower.Oil on canvas, 51,5х73,5. 1967
Sergei Osipov. Tower in Izborsk.Oil on canvas, 69х51,5. 1967
Sergei Osipov. Pier on the Volga. Oil on canvas, 42х57,5. 1959
Sergei Osipov.  In the North. Oil on canvas, 42х61. 1966
Sergei Osipov.  Winter.Staritsa. Oil on canvas, 65х57. 1974
Sergei Osipov.  Evening in the Suburbs of Leningrad .. Oil on canvas, 50х70. 1974
Sergei Osipov. Ancient Pskov. Oil on cardboard, 33х48.,1962
Sergei Osipov. Roses. Oil on cardboard, 50х35. 1962
Sergei Osipov.  Turning Greenish. Oil on canvas, 60х70. 1981
Sergei Osipov.   Memory of Vasilsursk. Oil on canvas, 57х66. 1959
Sergei Osipov.  Northern River. Oil on canvas, 52,5х61. 1976
Sergei Osipov. Still-life with a Balalaika and a Shelf.Oil on canvas,81х63. 1970
Sergei Osipov.  In ancient Pskov. Oil on canvas, 73х51. 1968
Sergei Osipov. Pskov. Twilith. Oil on canvas, 41х57. 1958
Sergei Osipov.  Ancient Staritsa in Winter.Oil on canvas, 60х70. 1974
Sergei Osipov.  House with Arch. Oil on canvas, 61х52. 1972
Sergei Osipov.  Izborsk. The Tower of the XVII century. Oil on canvas, 74х52. 1967
Sergei Osipov.  Silver Willows. Oil on canvas, 66х57. 1970
Sergei Osipov.  Spring Land. Oil on canvas, 57х66. 1972
Sergei Osipov. Spring Land.  Oil on canvas, 57,5х66. 1972
Sergei Osipov.  Rainy Day. Oil on canvas, 52х61. 1980
Sergei Osipov.  Izborski Slopes. Oil on canvas, 56х64. 1978