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Alexander Naumov (1935 -2010)

  Alexander Naumov was born on December 28, 1935 in Podolsk. In 1967, Alexander Naumov graduated from the Repin Institute of Fine Arts, Alexander Zaitsev's workshop. He was engaged with Nikolay Babasjuk, Pen Varlena, Vasily Sokolov, Leonid Khudyakov. Participant of exhibitions since 1967. Member of the Leningrad Union of Artists since 1977. Writes landscapes, still-lifes, genre compositions, etudes from nature. The works of Alexander Naumov are in museums and private collections in Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Finland and other countries.

Alexander Naumov. Shakh-Izinda. Oil on cardboard, 47,5х57,5. 1967
Alexander Naumov. Registan. Oil on canvas, 52х76. 1967
Alexander Naumov. Samarkand. Market-place. Oil on cardboard,35х24. 1964
Alexander Naumov. Bukhara. Oil on cardboard, 48,5х78. 1967
Alexander Naumov. Old Samarkand. Oil on cardboard, 48,5х77. 1967
Alexander Naumov. Street in Samarkand. Oil on cardboard, 47,5х38. 1967
Alexander Naumov. Ladder in Samarkand. Oil on cardboard, 72х52. 1967
Alexander Naumov. Аlupka. Х.м.,45,5х26,5. 1961