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Nikolay Mukho (1913 - 1986)

 Nikolay Mukho was born on December 6, 1913 in Kronstadt. In 1950 he graduated from the Repin Institute of Fine Arts, Boris Ioganson's workshop. He studied at Mikhail Bernstein, Semyon Abugov, Alexander Zaitsev, Henry Pavlovsky, Gleb Savinov. Participated in exhibitions since 1951. Member of the Member of the Leningrad Union of Artistssince 1957. He wrote genre and thematic paintings, marine, urban and landscape landscapes. Personal exhibition in Leningrad (1989). The works of Nikolai Mukho are in museums and private collections in Russia, Great Britain, Japan, France and other countries.

Nikolay Mukho. Construction of Bridge over Neva. Oil on cardboard, 28,5х40,5. 1959
Nikolay Mukho. Construction of  Embankment in Leningrad. Oil on cardboard, 35х50. 1964
Nikolay Mukho. Ligovsky Prospect in Leningrad. Oil on cardboard, ,35х50. 1966
Nikolay Mukho. Fish Seaport in Murmansk. Oil on cardboard, 35х49,5. 1962
Nikolay Mukho. In Sevastopol. Oil on cardboard, 35х50. 1961
Nikolay Mukho. At the Sea. Oil on cardboard, 27,5х44. 1962