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Valentina Monakhova (b.1932)

  Valentina Monakhova (Vasilyeva) was born on August 23, 1932 in Leningrad. In 1958, Valentina Monakhova graduated from the Repin Institute of Fine Arts, Boris Ioganson's workshop. I studied with Leonid Khudyakov, Vasily Sokolov, Valery Pimenov, Alexander Zaitsev. Participated in exhibitions since 1959. Member of  the Leningrad Union of Artists   since 1961. She paints landscapes, portraits, still-lifes, genre compositions. Works in the technique of watercolor, oil and tempera painting. She taught at the republican art school in Dushanbe (1958-1960), in the Leningrad Art and Industrial Technical School (1961-1978) and the School of Music (1978-2007). Personal exhibition in Leningrad (1985). Valentina Monakhova works are in museums and private collections in Russia, the United States, Tajikistan, Britain, France and other countries.

Valentina Monakhova. Tea-drinking in Samarkand. Oil on cardboard, 40х33. 1961
Valentina Monakhova. Uzbek Girl with Jug. Х.м.,57х37. 1956
Valentina Monakhova. Rest in  in Samarkand. Oil on cardboard, 32,5х24,5. 1957
Valentina Monakhova. Celebration in Uzbek Family. Oil on cardboard, 34,5х25. 1957
Valentina Monakhova.  Samarkand. Чайный дом. Oil on canvas, 58,5х67. 1956
Valentina Monakhova. Orient Courtyard. Oil on cardboard, 19х28,5. 1956
Valentina Monakhova. Midday in Urgut. Oil on cardboard, 24х34. 1957
Valentina Monakhova. Tea-House in Samarkand.Oil on canvas, 53х69. 1956
Valentina Monakhova.  In Old Samarkand. Oil on cardboard, 23,8х34,5. 1956
Valentina Monakhova. Midday in Samarkand. Oil on cardboard, 20,8х34,8. 1956
Valentina Monakhovaа.  Samarkand Bazaar. Oil on cardboard, 24,5х34,8. 1956