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Alexander Korovyakov (1912 - 1993)

  Alexander Korovyakov was born on November 16, 1912 in the village Berdskaya Orenburg province. In 1947 he graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts named after IE Repin, the studio of Victor Oreshnikov. He studied with Boris Vogel, Henry Pavlovsky, Semyon Abugov. He has participated in exhibitions since 1949. Member of the Leningrad Union of Artists since 1955. He painted portraits, urban and landscape landscapes, genre compositions, still lifes, etudes from nature. In 1954-1983 he taught and headed the School of Art (now the Art Lyceum named after B. V. Ioganson). The works of Alexander Korovyakov are in museums and private collections in Russia, France, the USA and other countries.

Alexander Korovyakov. On the Islands. Oil on canvas, 48х81. 1962
Alexander Korovyakov. Winter Palace in Leningrad. Oil on cardboard, 14х26,5. 1965
Alexander Korovyakov. Winter View in Leningrad. Oil on cardboard, 19х23. 1962
Alexander Korovyakov. At the Mikhailovsky Garden in Leningrad. Oil on canvas, 45х55. 1972
Alexander Korovyakov. Lenin Stadium in Leningrad. Oil on cardboard, 45х65. 1960
Alexander Korovyakov. At the Neva. Oil on canvas, 55х81. 1960
Alexander Korovyakov. Field Road. Oil on cardboard, 70х49. 1965
Alexander Korovyakov. Evening. Oil on canvas, 87х62. 1960
Александр Коровяков.Yachts. Oil on cardboard, 32х48. 1969
Alexander Korovyakov. Sketch with Yachts. Oil on cardboard, 40х33. 1961
Alexander Korovyakov.Yacht-club. Oil on cardboard, 33х48. 1970
Alexander Korovyakov. At the Seliger Lake.Oil on cardboard, 30х40. 1965
Alexander Korovyakov. Bouquet. Oil on cardboard, 50х40. 1979
Alexander Korovyakov. Still-life with Cabagge. Oil on cardboard, 50х40. 1972
Alexander Korovyakov. In the Autumn Garden. Oil on canvas, 59,5х49,5. 1965
Alexander Korovyakov. Autumn Still-life. Oil on cardboard, 70х50. 1972
Alexander Korovyakov. Still-life with Bottlle. Oil on cardboard, 40х50. 1970
Alexander Korovyakov. Flowers. Oil on cardboard, 70х50. 1977
Alexander Korovyakov. Dog-rose. Oil on cardboard, 70х50. 1969
Alexander Korovyakov. Under the Sun. Oil on cardboard, 34х23,5. 1956